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Welcome to our branch website. UNISON represents 2000 staff in the trusts, including nurses, health care assistants, porters, student nurses, ancillary staff.

We negotiate for better pay and conditions, help individuals in trouble and campaign for a safer, fairer society.

UNISON is Britain's biggest union representing almost 1.3 million people across the UK's public service.


North London Mental Health & Community



UNISON on changes at NHS England and NHS Improvement

Changes to regional structures should provide the opportunity for the various parts of the NHS to get back to closer working

UNISON responds to IFS report on NHS funding

Any future financial settlement for the NHS must factor in the costs of having a fairly rewarded and growing workforce

UNISON on Lord Carter’s report into productivity in the NHS

Understaffed teams with limited resources has had a terrible impact on staff well-being

Care Quality Commission give umpteenth NHS pressures warning, says UNISON

Inadequate funding means services and staff are stretched to the limit

NHS trust workers demonstrating against the plans

I love working for the NHS – so I’m striking against being outsourced

Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh hospital staff strike for 48 hours over plans to outsource their jobs to wholly owned private company

UNISON urges government to scrap damaging NHS competition rules

Ministers should scrap the damaging competition rules that force the NHS to sell off its services to private firms.

UNISON and Napo probation workers in day of protest over pay

Ministers bailed out the failing privatised companies to the tune of £342m. Yet they can’t find a penny to increase pay for probation staff.

Two new senior appointments at UNISON

Margaret Thomas and Emilie Oldknow are to become assistant general secretaries

UNISON responds to NAO report on Capita and NHS England 

UNISON highlighted the huge risks in these ambitious plans from the outset.

Visitors' entrance to Palace of Westminster

Nursery campaigners meet minister to call for better funding

Salford UNISON, parents and mayor put the case to Nadhim Zahawi

Blog: All too often, early years services are a poor relation

Thanks to UNISON, the government has agreed to meet with UNISON members tomorrow. Yet the person they’re sending to the meeting is Nadhim Zahawi – a parliamentary under-secretary at the Department for Education. While it’s a positive development that Zahawi is engaging with this vital debate, this isn’t something which should be left to a junior minister – this is something that education secretary Damian Hinds should be involving himself with.


Blog: All too often, early years services are a poor relation

Thanks to UNISON, the government have agreed to meet with UNISON members tomorrow. Yet the person they’re sending to the meeting is Nadhim Zahawi – the Parliamentary Under-Secretary at the Department of Education. Whilst it’s a positive development that Zahawi is engaging with this vital debate, this isn’t something which should be left to a junior minister – this is something that the Education Secretary Damian Hinds should be involving himself with.

Blog: If the Tories want a hostile environment, we will give them one

On Saturday, thousands of UNISON members took to the streets and made our voices heard. UNISON was by far the biggest, noisiest presence on the march – and swamped Hyde Park for the rally afterwards.

Blog: Time for the government to end their silence on Turkey

Although the UK government vocally condemned the attempted coup in Turkey for undermining democracy, they have remained almost silent on the subsequent state of emergency, mass detentions and dismissals, and the erosion of democracy and rights.

UNISON steps up for public services

Dave Prentis: ‘It’s time for an end to austerity; an end to cuts; an end to Tory cruelty’

Montage of faces and pay up now logo

Higher ed employers make final offer

Service group executive meets on 23 May to consider offer of 2% or £425 a year

Operating theatre staff celebrated with first national awareness day

An awareness day highlighting the contribution of operating department practitioners (ODPs) to patient care will take place on Monday (14 May), UNISON has announced. The first National ODP’s Day will be marked across the country with activities including operating theatre tours, bake sales, and careers talks at schools. The College of Operating Department Practitioners (CODP), […]

The suffragette spirit

A member of the world’s most famous feminist family, Helen Pankhurst talks about feminism, her hopes for her children, and what men can do to help the movement

UNISON comment on NHS staff handing patients’ data to the Home Office

Health staff will be relieved to know they no longer have to act as immigration officers on the wards.

NHS trust workers demonstrating against the plans

Wigan hospital staff vote for strike over outsourcing plans

NHS trust’s plans to move jobs and workers to its own private company sees 89% vote for strike – in a 79% turn-out


By standing together on Saturday, we can continue to show the strength of our feelings and continue to make the case for public services. If you’re in London, near London or can get to London this Saturday, join us to “step up for public services”.

Blog: If there are elections where you are, don’t forget to use your vote

Recent years have shown clearly that our votes do matter, but in local elections – where turnout is traditionally lower than in general elections or referendums – that’s especially true. If those of us who believe in better – and better funded – public services stay at home, then those with different values will be the ones who have their say over who represents and speaks for you.

Blog: Another reason to be proud of our union – on May Day, and every day

We should be rightly proud that we’re the biggest and best union in the country. We should celebrate our quarter of a century of incredible achievements. Yet we must also take this as an opportunity to look at how UNISON – and all of us within it – can do more, and do better, for all our members in the next 25 years.

letters saying vote

It’s not us, it’s all about YOU!

What on earth is a UNISON service group? And what have they got to do with you? As it turns out, quite a lot actually

Parents and children campaign at Westminster

Sunshine and showers – April’s highlights

April may have started with the Easter holidays but there was no rest for UNISON staff, activists and members. And there was only one issue on everyone’s mind – pay.

Children at the Houses of Parliament

Save our nurseries: when the kids went to Westminster

Are these the youngest UNISON campaigners?

Blog: Listen to these moments of truth

Join us in raising their voices and your voices. Share the videos on social media. Support our campaign to champion public services, and continue the fight for public services and everyone who works in them.

Blog: Today we reaffirm our demand for safe and healthy work for all

No-one goes to work not expecting to return home that day, yet official figures show that at least 20,000 workers die each year from work-related injuries and illnesses. The National Hazards Campaign believes that these official statistics are wildly inaccurate so the true figure is likely closer to 50,000 worker deaths every year.

Youngsters show racism the red card

Dave Prentis praises the ‘inspirational work’ of school children from across the UK

UNISON responds to Lord Darzi’s interim report on NHS funding

Responding to the interim report published today (Wednesday) by Lord Darzi and the IPPR, on the unprecedented challenges facing the NHS and social care, UNISON head of health Sara Gorton said: “Without substantial extra funding every year, the NHS and social care system will be damaged beyond repair. “The UK won’t have thriving health and […]

Nurse and midwife numbers dragged down by Brexit effect

Brexit has made many European nationals feel decidedly unwelcome



UNISON’s health conference delegates today voted in support of the proposed three-year pay deal that is currently out to consultation with the union’s health members.

George Barron, vice-chair of the health service group executive, told conference: “What we have done is actually quite remarkable. We have come so far.”

During a lively debate, delegates discussed the proposed framework, which comes with an extra £4.2bn funding.

The motion in support for the NHS pay deal and Agenda for Change reform noted the work the union has done to “change the story on NHS pay” and offer members an alternative to the 1% maximum of the past eight years.

It notes that the deal meets other key objectives, including:

  • the abolition of band 1;
  • removing overlaps on pay bands;
  • fewer pay points and quicker progression towards the agreed rate for the job.

Mr Barron said that the proposed deal would help members “who have been left struggling day in, day out, week in, week out” as the government stuck to its 1% pay cap.

“We’re dealing with the government, not Arthur Daley on the street corner. This is the best deal through negotiation. It’s a good deal. The right deal. Let’s make it and get it in members pay pockets by June or July.”

Sam Kimberley, of University Hospitals Birmingham, told her fellow delegates: “There’s no doubt that this offer is not enough. No one would accept that it’s all that we are worth.

“But it does break through the pay cap, which was set to go on and on. And the biggest thing: it delivers for the lowest paid.”

And in supporting the motion, she added: “We have many colleagues on bands 1, 2 and 3 who are amongst the most poorly paid. They will get a big improvement to their living standards.

Have your say on NHS pay

“I don’t stand to benefit much at all, because I am at the top of my band. But searching my conscience, do I vote for what is best for me, or do I vote for what is best for all members?

“It’s a starting point. I don’t think we could have got any better out of a Conservative government.”

Mark Burn of Greater Manchester mental health voted against what he called a “divisive” offer.

“Some people get a reasonably good deal. But 6.5% for people at the top of bands – we have lost more than that over the last eight years of austerity,” he said.

He also feared that “over-zealous managers” would work to keep people at the lowest band points.

But young delegates noticeably supported the motion.

One, from Cymru/Wales, said: “Without this pay deal we would have nowhere to go. This is about supporting the future for our members.”

Another praised the fact that the pay increase was being funded with targeted cash, which would avoid putting a financial burden on trust budgets.

“This is huge. The NHS is struggling to recruit and retain staff. The offer will go a long way to making  people think about a career in the NHS more positively. And it relieves some of the stress felt by all of us.”

UNISON senior vice president Gordon McKay, from the Ayrshire and Arran health branch, reminded conference that just nine months ago prime minister Theresa May had “made clear her contempt for NHS workers” in asserting that the 1% cap would remain in place until 2020, while the pay review body had seriously considered a 0% pay award last year.

“The union said: ‘No more. No more zero, no more 1%’. We said we have one priority, to smash the government’s pay cap, and this union did it,” he told delegates.

“This is the biggest NHS pay rise in 15 years, which makes a real difference to people’s lives. Abolishing band one puts thousands in people’s pockets, mainly women, who have never had it easy.”

Mr McKay said that the decision to scrap band 1 in Scotland several months ago had already made that difference.

And George Barron added that Scotland was “living proof” of the benefits of scrapping band 1.

“This is not the end,” he said, “it’s the beginning.”

Branches are now urged to encourage full participation by health members in the consultative ballot.

If they accept the framework, conference agreed to continue to call for pay increases after three years, which will catch up with the value lost since the financial crisis.






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